Unlock the Power of Real-time Insights with Camera Alerts

The world is changing, and businesses need to evolve to thrive in this fast-paced landscape. When it comes to proactive efficiency, staying ahead is not just an advantage – it’s a necessity. That’s where Knowella’s Camera Alerts solution steps in to streamline how you safeguard your operations.

Proactive Data-Driven Safety

In three simple steps, Knowella Camera Alerts empower you with real-time insights and notifications that matter:


Seamlessly integrate your existing CCTV, IP cameras, and more into our platform. No hassle, just enhanced security.

Setup Organizational Risk Rules

Customize alerts based on your unique needs. Define what matters, and our machine learning models will keep an eye out for you 24/7.

Get Notified
in Real-time

Receive instant notifications when our advanced models detect potential issues or risks, empowering you to take immediate action.

The Knowella Advantage: Models for Camera Alerts

Experience the peace of mind and efficiency boost that our Camera Alerts models offer:

Crowd Counting

Ensure crowd control and compliance with safety regulations, optimizing the customer experience.

Ergonomics Posture Detection

Safeguard your workforce by detecting ergonomic issues, reducing workplace injuries.

Face Mask Detection

Stay compliant with health guidelines and prioritize safety with real-time mask detection.

Fire Detection

Protect your assets and personnel with swift fire detection and response.

General Housekeeping

Maintain a clean and safe environment for all, enhancing your reputation.

Glove Detection

Ensure employees follow safety protocols, reducing contamination risks.

Gun Detection

Respond swiftly to potential threats, enhancing workplace security.

Hard Hat Detection

Enforce safety measures by detecting and encouraging proper PPE usage.

Intrusion Detection

Keep unauthorized access at bay, ensuring security around the clock.

Safety Glasses Detection

Prioritize eye safety with real-time detection of safety glasses.

Safety Vest Detection

Ensure your workforce is easily identifiable, enhancing overall safety.

Slip & Fall Detection

Minimize accidents and liability with immediate detection of slip and fall incidents.

Social Distancing Detection

Uphold health and safety guidelines with real-time social distancing monitoring.

Vehicle Speed Detection

Maintain safety and efficiency by monitoring vehicle speeds within your premises.

The Future is Now - Secure Your Business

Don’t wait for potential issues to become costly problems. Knowella Camera Alerts are your proactive safeguard, helping you ensure the safety, security, and efficiency of your operations.

Benefits of Knowella Camera Alerts:

Immediate Risk Mitigation

Detect issues in real-time, allowing for quick responses to prevent accidents and losses.

Enhanced Efficiency

Automate surveillance processes, freeing up resources for strategic tasks.

Cost Savings

Reduce the need for manual monitoring and enhance your security with cost-effective solutions.

Data-Driven Insights

Analyze historical data to improve operations, optimize safety, and make informed decisions.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that Knowella Camera Alerts have your back, 24/7.


Advanced AI Models

Our models are built on cutting-edge technology to provide accurate, real-time alerts.

Customizable Alerts

Tailor alerts to your specific needs, ensuring you're notified about what matters most to your business.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly connect your existing camera systems without the hassle of a complex setup.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive platform makes monitoring and managing alerts a breeze.

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The world is changing, and Knowella is here to help you evolve.

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