Elevate Health and Safety Excellence with Knowella

Empower Your Workforce, Enhance Operational Safety

Welcome to Knowella’s Health and Safety Management Solution – a transformative platform that transcends compliance, embracing operational excellence. With Knowella, safety management isn’t just a checkbox; it’s a strategic approach that empowers your team and safeguards your success.

Why Trust Knowella for Comprehensive Health and Safety Management?

At Knowella, we recognize that your workforce’s well-being drives your organization’s prosperity. Our Health and Safety Management Solution isn’t just a tool; it’s a comprehensive toolkit crafted to optimize safety practices while amplifying overall operational efficiency.

Unlocking the Power of Key Features and Benefits

Dynamic Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Hazard Assessment (JHA)

Field-Level Risk Assessments (FLRA) and Hazard Analysis (FLHA)

OSHA Compliance Made Effortless

COR Certification Management

Behavior-Based Safety Integration

AI-Powered Video Analytics for Safety Insights

CAPA and Root Cause Analysis Management

Observations and Near Miss Management

Why Choose Knowella?

Beyond a software provider, Knowella is your partner in safety transformation. We don’t just deliver data; we deliver actionable intelligence. With Knowella, you’re not merely adhering to standards; you’re setting new benchmarks for safety excellence.

Voices of Success

“Knowella’s solution revolutionized our approach to safety. With real-time risk assessments and JSA integration, we’re more proactive in preventing incidents.”

Sarah Miller, HSE Manager at BuildPro Constructions


“Since Knowella, our safety culture has transformed. FLRA integration and video analytics empower our workforce to be safety-conscious in every task.”

David Thompson, Operations Director at Tech Dynamics Inc.

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