COR Certification: Elevate Workplace Safety with Knowella

Welcome to Knowella’s COR Certification Solution, your gateway to achieving Certificate of Recognition (COR) certification and enhancing workplace safety.

What is COR Certification?

COR, or Certificate of Recognition, is a prestigious safety certification program for organizations committed to prioritizing workplace safety. COR certification signifies that your organization has met rigorous safety standards and adheres to best practices, ensuring a safer work environment for your employees.

Benefits of COR Certification

COR certification brings a multitude of advantages to your organization:

Enhanced Safety Culture

COR certification promotes a culture of safety within your workplace, reducing accidents and injuries.

Reduced Costs

 Fewer accidents mean lower workers’ compensation costs and reduced downtime.

Competitive Advantage

COR certification sets you apart in the market, demonstrating your commitment to safety and risk management.

Legal Compliance

Stay compliant with local and national safety regulations.

Improved Morale

Employees feel safer and more valued, leading to improved job satisfaction and productivity.

How Knowella Helps

Knowella’s COR project management Certification Solution is designed to simplify and accelerate your path to COR certification:

COR Readiness Assessment

Our solution begins with a thorough COR Readiness Assessment, helping you:

Identify your organization's readiness for COR certification.

Pinpoint areas that require improvement to meet COR standards.

Establish a strong foundation for the certification process.

Gap Evaluation and Action Planning

Navigate gap evaluation seamlessly. Knowella supports you in:

Identifying gaps in your current safety management system.

Crafting actionable strategies to close these gaps.

Streamlining your journey toward COR compliance.

Certification Readiness

Knowella ensures your organization is genuinely prepared for COR certification. Our solution:

Guides you in building a robust safety management system aligned with COR standards.

Assists in creating necessary documentation and processes.

Prepares your team to excel during COR audits.

Sustainable Safety Practices

Our commitment extends beyond certification. Knowella empowers you to:

Foster a culture of continuous safety improvement.

Regularly monitor and enhance your safety management system.

Stay up-to-date with evolving safety regulations and best practices.

Why Choose Knowella for COR Certification?


Access comprehensive support throughout your COR certification journey.


Efficiently align with COR standards to create a safer workplace.


Approach audits well-prepared and with confidence.


Establish a lasting framework for workplace safety and risk management.

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Begin Your Safety Transformation

With Knowella’s COR Certification Solution, COR certification represents more than compliance—it’s your commitment to workplace safety, risk mitigation, and employee well-being.

Join organizations worldwide that trust Knowella for their COR certification journey. Sign up today and embark on your path to a safer, more secure workplace.