Swift Incident Management: Minimize Risks, Maximize Safety

Streamlined Inspections Workflow for Enhanced Quality Assurance

Discover Knowella’s Inspections Management Solution, a platform that seamlessly merges meticulous inspections with advanced automation. Our solution simplifies and transforms your inspections process, enabling your organization to uphold unwavering consistency, streamline processes, and maintain compliance.

Why Choose Knowella for Incident Management?

Knowella’s Incident Management Solution redefines incident handling by integrating cutting-edge technology with streamlined workflows. This synergy allows your organization to respond effectively, mitigate risks, and foster a proactive safety culture.

Seize Control of Incident Resolution

 1. Simplified Incident Reporting and Capture

Effortless Reporting

Easily report incidents on-the-go, ensuring accurate data collection.

Real-time Insights

Analyze incidents instantly, enabling faster response and resolution.

2.  Intelligent Incident Categorization and Prioritization

Data-Driven Insights

Use AI-powered algorithms to categorize and prioritize incidents.

Focused Response

Direct resources to incidents based on urgency and potential impact.

 3. Streamlined Workflow and Notification System

Efficiency Amplified

Automate incident workflows, reducing response times.

Timely Notifications

Instantly notify stakeholders, ensuring immediate action.

 4. Comprehensive Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

Thorough Analysis

Conduct in-depth investigations to identify root causes.

Preventing Recurrence

Implement corrective actions to prevent similar incidents.

 5. Collaborative Resolution and CAPA Management (JHA)

Team Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly across departments for efficient resolution.

CAPA Implementation

Integrate corrective and preventive actions for sustained safety.

6. Behavior-Based Safety Integration

Proactive Safety

Encourage employees to report near-misses and unsafe behaviors.

Cultivate Safety Culture

Foster a culture of vigilance for enhanced overall safety.

 7. Video Analytics for Incident Insights

Visual Context

Leverage video analytics to gain comprehensive incident insights.

Enhanced Understanding

Understand incidents better through visual evidence.

 8. OSHA and COR Compliance Tracking

Regulatory Adherence

Maintain compliance with OSHA and COR regulations.

Auditing Simplified

Facilitate audits with detailed incident tracking and documentation.

 9. Continuous Improvement with Observations Management

Informed Decisions

Capture and analyze observations to enhance safety measures.

Proactive Approach

Transform observations into actionable improvements.

10. Incident Dashboard and Reporting

Holistic View

Access a centralized dashboard for incident status and trends.

Effortless Reporting

Generate detailed incident reports for analysis and audits.

Unlocking the Benefits of Incident Management

Enhanced Safety Culture

Proactivity Prevails

Encourage reporting and learning from incidents for a safer environment.

Employee Confidence

Empower your workforce by valuing their safety concerns.

 Mitigated Risks

Rapid Response

Swiftly address incidents to minimize their impact on operations.

Risk Aversion

 Learn from incidents to proactively prevent future occurrences.

 Regulatory Confidence

Regulatory Adherence

Demonstrate compliance with industry regulations and standards.


Streamline audits by maintaining thorough incident documentation.

 Operational Efficiency

Workflow Streamlining

Automate incident workflows for quicker resolutions.

Resource Optimization

Allocate resources effectively based on incident priority.

 Continuous Improvement

Learning from Incidents

Utilize incidents as opportunities to refine processes.

Data-Driven Evolution

Implement changes based on incident analysis for growth.

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