Effortless JSA Management with Knowella

Maximize workplace safety, minimize risks, and ensure your team is always informed with Knowella’s Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Management Solution. Take the complexity out of JSA creation, management, and compliance, and empower your organization to thrive.

What is JSA?

Job Safety Analysis, or JSA, is a vital process used to identify and mitigate potential hazards associated with specific tasks or jobs. It’s a proactive approach that ensures your team operates safely, minimizes accidents, and maintains compliance with industry regulations.

Benefits of JSA

Enhanced Safety

 Protect your most valuable asset – your employees. JSA identifies potential risks before they become accidents, reducing workplace injuries and fatalities.

Reduced Costs

Preventing accidents and injuries not only protects your workforce but also saves money on medical expenses, compensation claims, and legal fees.

Improved Productivity

Streamline your workflows by identifying inefficiencies and hazards. A safer workplace is often a more efficient one.

Legal Compliance

 Stay compliant with safety regulations and avoid penalties or legal repercussions associated with workplace accidents.

Our Comprehensive Solutions Suite

JSA Creation

Use our intuitive JSA builder to create detailed job safety analyses with ease. Customize templates to fit your unique needs.

Task Assignments
and Notifications

Assign JSA tasks to the right personnel and set up notifications for timely completion and reviews.


Store all your JSAs securely in one location for easy access and reference.


Stay informed with real-time updates and collaboration tools, whether your team is on-site or in the office.

Analytics and

Analyze JSA data to identify trends, areas for improvement, and compliance gaps. Make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.

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Achieve Safety Excellence with Knowella

Investing in JSA management isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about safeguarding your team, your reputation, and your bottom line. With Knowella, you’ll have the tools and support you need to create a safer, more efficient workplace. Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming JSA processes and embrace the future of safety management. Sign up with Knowella today. Your team’s safety is worth it