Transforming Workplace Safety with Knowella's Near Miss Management

In the world of workplace safety, recognizing near misses is your organization’s first line of defense. Every near miss represents an opportunity to prevent a future accident. Knowella’s Near Miss Management solution empowers your team to proactively identify, report, and address near misses, ensuring a safer and more secure work environment.

The Near Miss Challenge

Near misses often go unreported or unnoticed, leaving a hidden trail of potential accidents. Without a systematic approach to near miss reporting, organizations risk repeating mistakes and failing to learn from these crucial incidents.

Knowella's Innovative Solution

Our offerings cover the spectrum of your needs. Choose from an extensive range of solutions across safety, quality, operations, and security.

Streamlined Reporting

Our user-friendly digital platform makes it effortless for employees at all levels to report near misses promptly.

Real-Time Data

 Capture near misses as they occur, allowing for immediate investigation and corrective action.

Data Analytics

Leverage advanced analytics to uncover patterns and trends in near misses, helping you identify root causes and prevent future incidents.


Encourage employees to contribute to the solution by providing feedback and insights on near misses, fostering a culture of safety.

Benefits of Knowella's Near Miss Management

Accident Prevention

 Early detection and intervention mitigate the risk of accidents, protecting your employees and your organization.

Continuous Improvement

 Data-driven insights from near misses drive process improvements and safer work practices.

Employee Engagement

 Involving your team in near miss reporting empowers them to take an active role in safety.

Resource Efficiency

Streamline incident reporting and investigation, saving time and resources.

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Create a Safer Tomorrow, Today

Knowella’s Near Miss Management solution equips your organization to proactively address near misses, minimizing the potential for accidents and incidents. Join us in making your workplace safer, one near miss at a time.